What type of resources should I include in My Pages?

Personalization is the secret sauce of Omnio. We supply an endless trove of newly updated information and resources; you decide what’s most important to you and add it to your pages so it’s only one tap away. Add those items that you need on the fly or that will help you get through the day. 

To help you get started, the Omnio medical team has carefully curated some of the most popular resources and tools for your profession and specialty and placed them on your Front Page. Take some time to look through the offerings. We find them useful, and hope you do too. 

Also, make sure to get out there and explore the app, especially Newsfeed and Store. You will find all sorts of goodies to help you practice medicine, take care of your patients, and stay up to date.  We’ll even let you know about resources that are popular with your peers.

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