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  1. 3D Touch on Omnio

  2. Can i cross reference my resources?

  3. Can my Skyscape resources be used in Omnio?

  4. Does Background App Refresh affect my battery life?

  5. Does Background App Refresh affect my data usage?

  6. How can I add a shortcut to my resource?

  7. How can I add the formulary plans relevant to my practice to the Formulary Lookup?

  8. How can I build my Library?

  9. How can I move Omnio back to Internal Memory?

  10. How can I quickly find information?

  11. How can I show fewer items in my Library?

  12. How do I add an item to a page?

  13. How do I add an item to Favorites?

  14. How do I add and enable the iOS Omnio widget?

  15. How do I add items to my Reading List?

  16. How do I add resources from my existing account?

  17. How do I change the font size?

  18. How do I change the name of a page?

  19. How do I change the units in my calculators?

  20. How do I delete a page?

  21. How do I download my resources?

  22. How do I enable the Omnio share option in iOS?

  23. How do I get to my Settings?

  24. How do I get updates to my Library?

  25. How do I make a purchase in the Store?

  26. How do I remove an item from a page?

  27. How do I remove an item from Favorites?

  28. How do I reorganize a page?

  29. How do I reorganize Favorites?

  30. How do I turn off Background App Refresh?

  31. How do I use the SmartLink feature?

  32. How does Search work from the main navigation?

  33. How many devices can I install this app on?

  34. How many devices can I use Omnio on?

  35. How many items can I add to a page?

  36. How many items can I add to Favorites?

  37. How to move Omnio from Internal Memory to SD card (Android devices)?

  38. I bought a resource and it came with a Serial Number. How do I install it?

  39. I cannot access my Journals and news articles after updating to the latest Omnio?

  40. I don't see Omnio after tapping the "More" button on iOS. What am I doing wrong?

  41. I got a new device. How do I transfer my resources over to the new one?

  42. I hid an item from my Library. How can I get it back?

  43. I love Omnio and I want to tell the world! How can I do that?

  44. I stopped using Skyscape years ago. Do I still have access to my purchased content?

  45. I switched to Omnio from Skyscape. Where are my purchased resources?

  46. I updated to Omnio. Where did my resources go?

  47. If I am using Omnio on more than three devices, how do I use my purchased content?

  48. Is Omnio available for PC or Mac computers?

  49. I’d like to provide feedback. How can I do that?

  50. Navigation is better than ever

  51. Omnio suddenly stopped working. What should I do?

  52. Spotlight Search on Omnio

  53. Using the Symptom Checker

  54. What are the icons next to Favorites in a topic

  55. What can I buy from the Store?

  56. What can I find by using the global Search function in the main navigation?

  57. What do you do with my personal information?

  58. What is Favorites?

  59. What is My Pages?

  60. What is the difference between the Skyscape and Omnio apps?

  61. What is the Free 21-day trial?

  62. What is the Newsfeed section?

  63. What is the Reading List?

  64. What is the ticker that runs along the bottom of the app?

  65. What type of resources should I include in My Pages?

  66. What type of updates does Background App Refresh check for and download?

  67. What will happen if I change my device?

  68. What will happen to my purchased medical resources?

  69. What’s in the Library section?

  70. Where can I buy medical resources after Omnio shuts down sales?

  71. Where can I get more free resources?

  72. Where can I redeem my gift vouchers?

  73. Where is your privacy statement?

  74. Why is the Move to SD card option Greyed Out?

  75. Will I be charged for renewals?

  76. Will my paid resources go away post the discontinuance?

  77. Will Omnio stop working on my device?

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